Career and Interview Coaching Reviews

My experience working with Carol was absolutely transformational.  Carol's mastery, confidence and experience with both the interview process and resume development not only gave me the guidance, the tools, and the positive encouragement  I needed to succeed, but helped build my own confidence and strengthened my ability to communicate and advance. Carol’s mock interview sessions were especially helpful as they not only gave me invaluable feedback and suggestions regarding my interpersonal skills, but also taught me how to present myself in a way that would optimize and showcase my unique strengths and accomplishments as a candidate.
Jason B.
"Working with Carol has made it very clear to me just how important the little details on a resume can be. Carol taught me that certain keywords can be the deciding factor between getting an interview and potential job.   She outlined a path for me to achieve success by teaching networking skills and how to make useful connections in my field.  She also gave me some much needed encouragement and support when I really needed it. I have a much stronger resume and cover letter now and I feel confident that when I apply for jobs I will be putting my best foot forward."
Brynn K.
Carol offers an expert perspective on how to create and target skills and experience on a resume to help one stand out from other applicants. She is adept at conveying the importance of networking and offering those strategies. Her interview skills and coaching are unmatched.
Meg D.
Carol's interview coaching with mock interviews and feedback sessions demonstrate her excellent communication skills. I am now able to approach interviews with confidence and self assurance. She understands and imparts the finer points of job seeking. My working with her has made a difference in the continued pursuit of my career.
Karen W.
Carol has been a great help for my interviews. She is very patient and professional. I have adapted better skills for both phone and face-to-face interviews, as a result, I have been invited to the next round for 2 out of my 3 job applications so far.  Also, she taught me various ways for job-seeking and networking, saved me tremendous time compared to if I learned these techniques online.
Jason W.
I worked with Carol for help with my resume and job search. Carol is not only one of the smartest people I have ever met, but also one of the kindest and most intuitive. Sensing my lack of confidence and unease, Carol honed in immediately on my skills and individual strengths and showed me how to highlight and build upon them in ways that would set me apart from other applicants. With her incredible experience and knowledge base, Carol gave me invaluable advice on strategies to network and market myself for the job search. One of the most vital aspects of my work with Carol required her to teach and coach me through the skills and strategies I needed to sell myself during an interview in a way that would help me to differentiate me from other applicants. I cannot say enough great things about Carol.
Michelle D.


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