ACI Coach

About Carol Beck, Career Coach

Carol Beck is an experienced Hiring Manager having worked for Fortune 500 firms with nearly 20 years of professional interviewing and hiring experience.

Carol's professional experience includes:

  • ‍Limited Partner and Hiring Manager at Edward Jones.
  • ‍Director, Hiring Manager at UBS Financial Services.
  • ‍Instrumental in developing interview questions that were used firm wide and made major hiring decisions.
  • ‍Successful leader with numerous career promotions. KOLBE certified. Nominated and successfully completed a year-long intensive leadership program at a Fortune 500 company.
  • More than 9 years experience as a legal recruiter preparing candidates to interview successfully in law firms and global companies.
  • ‍Former Litigation Attorney.

Carol has personally interviewed over 20,000 candidates and reviewed nearly 100,000 resumes, including college, graduate school and internship candidates. From her work as litigation attorney and legal recruiter, she understands the importance of strong communication skills, interview strategy, advance preparation and the art of "selling one's self".

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